Nautilus Marine – The Helm. The only boating app you need

Nautilus Marine - The Helm. The only boating app you need

Whether you have a small tinnie, PWC, ski boat, sail boat, cruiser, or anything else that floats, use The Helm app to connect to marine trades and services.

A unique solution

Never before has connecting to experienced marine professionals been so easy. From anywhere, you can explore what the marine trade options are and receive quotes on everything you will ever need for your boat. It doesn’t matter if your boat is big, small, slow or fast, The Helm will connect you to what you need.

Everything you need. And more.

Marina berths, general services, trailer repairs, fuel, fishing gear & sailing equipment is all at The Helm.
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Quotes from marine trades.
Within 24 Hours.

Enter what you need for your boat into The Helm and within 24 hours you’ll receive quotes from experienced marine specialists, anywhere in Australia.

Connect to our extensive network –
Simple connections to experts in the marine industry

Compare pricing
Receive multiple quotes within 24 hours straight to your app

Servicing & repairs
Quick quotes on any type of work for your boat, motor or trailer

Enhance your boating experience
Exclusive benefits, updates & more for members of The Helm

On the go bookings
Anywhere, any time, book in what you need at your location

Marina’s & more
Book a berth, arrange fuel & check availability

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