When’s the Best Time to Buy or Sell a Boat?

When's the Best Time to Buy or Sell a Boat?

When it comes buying or selling boats, the time you do it makes a big difference on the value you get. Do it at the right time, and you could get more than what you paid for it. Do it at the wrong time, and you may end up on the lesser end of the bargain.

So if you’re thinking of buying or selling a boat soon, you should always be mindful of when it’s best to enter the market. Although there are no hard and fast rules as to when to buy or sell boats, there are seasons that can increase your chances of getting a good sale.

Buying Boats – Autumn and Winter
If you’re canvassing for different boat models with the intention to buy one soon, the autumn and winter seasons are generally considered to be the best times for these. Here’s why:

  • Clearing old stock – During these months, dealers will be looking to offload their current stock of boats to make room for the new stock of the upcoming season. This means you’re more likely to find great deals because dealerships and sellers will be more willing to provide discounts, promotions, or special packages to clear inventory.
  • Boat show season – Many boat shows also commence during the autumn and winter seasons, giving you even more boats and watercrafts to choose from. This is an excellent time to see what’s on the market, allowing you to discover choices that you may not normally have found on your own. And because boat shows feature several dealerships and boat companies in one place, competition will be high for the customers’ attention and money. This means better deals, more choices, and better value to you as a buyer.
  • More private sellers – Aside from dealerships offering great deals and lower prices, the autumn and winter seasons also tend to have more private sellers of used boats. These are primarily boat owners who don’t want to incur the costs of winter storage and maintenance on boats that they’re planning to sell already. This means they’ll be more likely to accept lower prices to sell the boat or perhaps even throw in a good deal or two for the lucky buyer.

With plenty of choices available and a greater incentive to provide better deals and lower prices, the autumn and winter seasons are considered to be a buyer’s market for new and used boats.
Selling Boats – Spring and Summer

Spring and summer, on the other hand, are usually the best times for selling boats because of the higher demand during these seasons.

Compared to autumn and winter, spring and summer are usually considered a seller’s market. With the sun out and warmer weather in place, the boating season begins again for many casual boaters and hobbyists. This is a time when people are excited to hit the waters and spend plenty of time on their boats. It’s also a popular time for going boat shopping, which means there are usually more buyers available in the market.

Given the high demand during these seasons, more people will also be willing to splurge or spend more to get the boat they want – a definite plus for sellers. This applies even to private sellers of used or second-hand boats, who often fill the void in the market for buyers not willing to spend the full price on newer models.

Timing Can Be Everything

With that said, no matter what time of the year it is, nothing still beats a good bargain. If there’s one thing you should remember, it’s that getting a good deal almost always comes down to timing. When you buy or sell a boat at the right time, chances are you’ll get more value in the end.

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